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              Doing Our Bit For The Planet

              WoolOvers have been using natural biodegradable yarns for 30 years.

              But we are also making improvements in other areas of our business to remove plastic and become more sustainable.

              So you can shop with us in confidence, knowing that you are playing your part too.

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              Plastic is not fantastic

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              Natural fibres biodegrade

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              Colourful Classics

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              Time To Chill

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              It's A Wrap

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              Introduce us to your friends

              Give 20% off to your friends and get 20% off when they place their first order.

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              Welcome To WoolOvers

              Experts in quality knitwear for nearly 30 years. 

              The softest cashmere, the comfiest cotton, the finest merino wool... we believe in doing it naturally. Jumpers and sweaterscardigans, polos and much more. We have the perfect outfit for every occasion. Luxurious loungewear, smart workwear, fun partywear and 100% natural classic knitwear for men and women that will never go out of fashion. Complete your outfit with colourful accessories, scarves, socks, hats and gloves. 

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